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Mission & Values



       All Star English aims to create an immersive English learning environment. We hope to inspire passion in learning about the world and other cultures. 



At the All Star English we embrace the following values in our everyday work.


Integrity 威厳

We want to do the right thing.​ We respect others, ourselves and the environment. Our honesty and moral principles are manifested in our behavior. ​We use our knowledge and understanding wisely.


Compassion 思いやり

We understand others and care for them. We are kind and willing to help. We accept and respect diversity.


Excellence 優秀

We strive to achieve the best we can in all we do. We aim for excellence through intellectual curiosity and creativity. We want to fulfill our potential across academic, social and personal areas.



Our Mission

            All Star English is dedicated to providing English Education for all ages. We value mutual respect between students, teachers, and parents. We strive for excellence and foster a passion for learning about the world. Our students will be able to thinking globally by using English as a stepping stone. 


Researching and Writing
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