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Taking a Test


About the class

50 minute class

  • Small student numbers, 6 students max

  • Native teacher

  • Practice of the four core skills, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. 

  • Class evaluations 

  • Special holiday Lessons - Christmas / Halloween




Hand in Hand series

  • Controlled input helps students build language confidence

  • Complete package equips teachers with options for creating different lessons

  • Recycling and linking language provide students with more opportunities for practice

  • Communicative approach gives students opportunities to use language in meaningful ways

  • Colorful design creates fun and stress-free learning

  • Additional teaching resources like activity sheets for every lesson, tests, flashcard,..

  • Six lesson-related CLIL units allow students to practice language in new context

  • Entertaining comics and games

  • Catchy chants and songs

  • Consistent content linking and cumulative reviews

  • Hybrid CD with animated content and word games

  • Free mobile app on both iOS and Android (on the appstore, search for “Hand in Hand”)

  • Interactive ebook is a powerful presentation tool for your class

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